All of Our LIVE OAK HOMES are priced to include:
Delivery, Set-up, AC/Heat, Skirting, and Code Steps.
Prices are posted in every home.


  • The benefits of our 60 years of experience.
  • An initial site inspection with drawn site plans, no surprises on delivery.
  • Delivery to anywhere in Florida.
  • Custom engineering for your foundation, assures your home stays level.

Set Up

  • We construct state required pad to receive home that will increase the life of your new home.
  • You get soil density tests performed.
  • Appropriate equipment to place home on spot, this will lessen possible damage.
  • A professional contractor to meet home on site to assure correct placement.
  • On arrival your home will be completely checked out for transit issues.
  • A complete, well equipped set up crew to setup your home to exact factory specifications.

Finishing Touches

  • Quality finish carpenters to trim, carpet, and install lap siding on you new home.
  • Construction clean to make your home ready for you to move in.
  • Final inspection by the finish crew to your ensure your satisfaction.

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